Invest in knowledge and advice and get the best interest.

The process starts with finding out about you and your investment goals: how long you want to invest for, what is the money required for, have you provided for short / medium / long term financial needs, etc.

Your capacity to withstand risk is then evaluated. The evaluation takes into account your income, expenses, assets and liabilities, and your flexibility. There is also an evaluation of your own risk preference, which can be done in discussion with your Financial Broker or through the use of psychometric tools. Psychometric tools are short questionnaires which seek to give a more scientific basis for assessing your risk.

Risk is significantly greater

Without advice.



 Tailored to your needs.

Tailored to your needs.

Only after this process is completed can you start to talk about what sort of investment products are suitable to your needs. You may divide your investments into short / medium / long term; you should provide for emergency funds; you should also get appropriate diversification. Your Financial Broker can advise on all these aspects.


 Paperwork made easy

Paperwork made easy

The process of setting up an investment will involve application forms as well as money laundering and fund transfers to the relevant institution. Your Financial Broker will make the paperwork easier for you and ensure your investment is set up properly. Funds transfers and payments are made directly to the relevant institution you invest in.


Things to Watch out for

No such thing as a free lunch - do the quoted returns sound high?

What happens to your investment if inflation increases?

Who provides any guarantee?