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If you need help deciphering how you can
create a monthly budget or what you might be
looking at when it comes to a pension or life
cover, then use our handy calculators to help
you get an idea.

Our Calculators

  • Budget Calculator

    Help keep control of your personal and household spending by taking a look at your monthly income and expenses through our Budget Calculator facility. This will help give you an idea on how much money you have available to spend and save each month.

  • Pension Calculator

    Don’t delay setting aside for your retirement. Starting a pension now is a smart decision to future proofing for your retirement and financial security. Use our Pension Calculator to help get you started by calculating what you may need to put away now for later.

  • Life Cover Calculator

    Life Insurance provides peace of mind knowing that you can provide financial stability and security for your family when it matters most. Use our Life Cover Calculator to help calculate how much cover you need to protect yourself and your loved ones should the worst happen.