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    About PM Brennan Financial Brokers Limited

    Welcome to PM Brennan Financial Brokers, we are a composite firm of financial advisors serving our clients for more than 40 years and we pride ourselves on being able to offer superior service, impartial advice and a wide range of investment & insurance solutions.

    For decades we have successfully worked with clients ranging from large corporate to individuals to help in protecting & growing their assets. We are proud of our heritage and are confident we can provide you with independent advice, expert analysis and an efficient & professional advisory service.

    Relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust, are long term in nature and we aim to be your advisor of choice when it comes to financial planning, wealth management, general insurance & health insurance advisory services. Given that we have been in existence for more than 4 decades few brokerages have seen as much change as us and for clients it is a comfort to know that we are always there, always available to assist & provide advice. In the last 10 years the financial services arena has seen huge change and many advisors who were dispensing investment products during the boom years are no longer around. Similarly with banking staff the individual advisor who recommended a particular plan or investment strategy is no longer to be found. We would like to believe that we will be around for another 40 years and we will continue to serve our clients and offer impartial advise based on experience & foresight.

    PM Brennan Financial Brokers Limited t/a Touchstone Insurance, Irish Health Insurance

    Services Provided

    • Life Insurance

    • Income Protection

    • Mortgage Protection

    • Pensions

    • Investments

    • Specified Illness

    • Serious Illness Cover

    • Mortgages