Le Cheile Financial Services Limited

Le Cheile Financial Services Limited

Dublin County (South)


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    About Le Cheile Financial Services Limited

    Le Chéile is a speciality niche boutique insurance advisory service in the truest sense of the word. Le Chéile provides key data and state of the art information not readily available in the marketplace on insurance markets and how to manage your insurance risk, bringing around your policies and claims.

    Based in Dublin, Ireland, and with a network of professionals around the globe, Le Chéile can give you insurance information on what is affecting your business and how to solve the issue with a true solution that works all the way through your organisation. Le Chéile and its global associates and network are at the heartbeat of the insurance market globally.

    Services Provided

    • Life Insurance

    • Income Protection

    • Mortgage Protection

    • Pensions

    • Investments

    • Specified Illness

    • Serious Illness Cover