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    About Lalor Financial Services

    Lalor Financial Services was established in 2003 by Jim Lalor in North East Ireland, Cavan.  Having spent more than 30 years in financial services as a career banker with a major high street bank, Jims decision to move from the restrictive and tied regime of high street banking was timely. He would now apply his acquired skills as an experienced lending and investment advisor to meet a growing public desire for the services of an independent broker and financial advisor – one freed from the constraints of being tied to advise on and promote the financial products of an individual bank or investment house. The events leading up to and following the banking collapse of 2008 highlighted the desirability and need for individual financial advice and the clear advantages of CUSTOMER CHOICE – being able to select a product provider from the available wide range of banking and investment institutions in the market.

    It is this wealth of experience and knowledge of the financial services business endowed with TRUE INDEPENDENCE that has built the reputation of Lalor Financial Services as a trusted Financial Broker and Advisor.

    James Lalor t/a Lalor Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

    Services Provided

    • Life Insurance

    • Income Protection

    • Mortgage Protection

    • Pensions

    • Investments

    • Specified Illness

    • Serious Illness Cover

    • Mortgages