A Financial Broker can seriously improve your wealth

7th July 2020

As the financial fortunes of consumers slowly start to improve in line with the growth in the economy, the need for impartial Financial Advice is greater than ever. Wealth levels are recovering, salaries are starting to rise again, and as a result regular savings and pension contributions are on the increase. The services of a trusted Financial Adviser are critical in ensuring consumers invest their hard earned cash as wisely as possible.

Ultimately, using the services of a Financial Broker will help you to achieve better financial outcomes. First of all, they will help you to clearly identify your financial objectives and to clarify your tolerance and appetite for risk. The professional Financial Adviser will then get a full understanding of your current circumstances. They then consider all of these factors and develop a robust financial plan to help you achieve your financial goals in a structured manner, rather than leaving you to deal with your financial circumstances in an ad-hoc way.

However the value doesn’t stop there. Financial Brokers have knowledge of and access to the products provided by a range of financial companies in the Irish market. They use this knowledge and expertise to find the right solutions to meet the individual needs of every client. Accessing the right products will obviously play a key role in helping you to achieve your financial goals!

The Financial Adviser will work with you every year into the future, ensuring the advice given remains the correct advice, and tweaking your financial plan as needed. This is a critical component of their Financial Advice service. Your circumstances will inevitably change as you get older, as your family situation changes and as your career develops. Each of these events require consideration of their varying impacts on your financial objectives, and potentially the adjustment of your financial plan and your product portfolio. The Financial Broker also stays up to date with market developments and new product initiatives, which in themselves may offer opportunities for you to access improved or less expensive products to achieve your financial goals.

Can you do this yourself, or does this impartial Financial Advice really make a difference in terms of the outcomes achieved?

Research from across the globe shows that employing the services of a Financial Broker will have a seriously positive impact on the outcomes achieved. This research consistently demonstrates that using the services of a professional provider of Financial Advice over the long term has improved the fortunes of consumers in each market:

• Canada (CIRANO Report, 2012) – wealth up 173% over 15 years
• Australia (KPMG Econtech Report 2011) – higher annual savings
• UK (Unbiased/Standard Life Report 2012) – pension funds up 100%
• Ireland (PIBA/Standard Life Report 2013) – pension funds up 75%

Using the services of a Financial Broker will allow you to face your financial future with confidence and will add considerably to your financial well-being.